Research in our laboratory is focussed on understanding the molecules that regulate synaptic signalling. Broadly we are interested in two aspects of C. elegans neurobiology:

1. We want to understand how Cell Adhesion Molecules in general and a class of tetraspan molecules called claudins function at the neuromuscular junction (NMJ). Our work so far has allowed us to gain insight into the signalling functions of a neural cell adhesion molecule (RIG-3), A cadherin domain containing protein (CASY-1) and two claudin-like proteins (HPO-30 and HIC-1) at the NMJ. Our future work will delve more into aspects of claudin function in neurons and synapses.

2. We are also interested in understanding how neurons "talk" to each other through small peptides sent out by the neurons. These peptides are called neuropeptides. We have so far studied the role of a neuropeptide, FLP-18, in regulating worm movement and are in the process of understanding the role of other peptides in C. elegans locomotion.

Experiments in our lab include C. elegans genetics, RNA interference (RNAi) assays, biochemical assays both in vitro and in vivo in C. elegans, behavioural assays involving studying movement and learning and memory in worms, and live imaging experiments.

Our Lab's assigned lab/strain code and allele/transgene identifier are "BAB" and "ind" respectively.

Information on our research can also be found here.